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Learning To Colorfully Dance In The Rain

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Author: Alicia Robinson
March 29, 2017

Hi, lovelies! Sometimes we have times in life where everything is crazy and you can't find a moment to breathe, We all have to find ways to deal with those times. I want to explore learning to colorfully dance in the rain in this post.


I recently watched the One Republic music video for Let's Hurt Tonight. It's the theme song for the Will Smith movie Collateral Beauty. In the beginning Will Smith stands before a group and says "love, time, death; let's begin now." Think about it - we all have love, time and death but the amount of all of those things is unknown except death. What are you going to do with your love and time? Well, life gets crazy, so you'll do chaos at times. It's how you handle that chaos that defines you.


Let's talk about colors and relate them to real life like Taylor Swift does in her song Red. Everyone has different shades, flavors and tones to their lives. Taylor uses blue for loss, dark gray for missing someone and red for love. In the end she takes it a step further and says "burning red." What are the colors of your life? What do they mean to you? What do you associate them with? Someone once referred to me as a colorful person so it got me thinking...how do I handle the colors? One of my favorite quotes is "I live in colors that don't exist."

Dancing in the Rain

I ran through an exercise with a close friend the other day, one where I ended up dancing in the rain in NYC. This isn't far from reality (and will be reality later this summer) as I have always been one to love dancing in the rain. But let's get you there, I'll walk you through. Picture your favorite place, somewhere you can let your mind free. Somewhere you feel fulfilled. Somewhere you feel alive and on top of the world. Now dance. Close your eyes, spin around and dance in the rain. Feel free? Do you see the colors of your life? What do you feel? Sometimes we need to shut the world off and learn to dance in the rain, no matter what the chaos of daily life brings. It's all messy, fun, crazy and full of love...it's what you do with those things that let's you burn red.

Burning Red

Now, let's put the emphasis on burning red. If you look at everything through a red lens you'll see things more positively. Look for these things, embrace them, love them and live them. Listen to close friends and mentors, let them challenge you and challenge yourself. Now burn red. It's all part of dancing in the rain. Make sure you're receiving all the best beauty, fashion and personal brand tips along with 10.8k other subscribers from Feast On Fashion just like this one by clicking here. While you're at it head over and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! Burn red and colorfully dance in the rain, CEO's. Love, beauty & fashion. -Alicia Every woman is her own CEO.  

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