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The Thing About Magic

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Author: Alicia Robinson
May 30, 2017

Hi, Lovelies! I hope you have been well, I've been busy working on lot's of magic! I want to share a bit of what I've discovered/have been involved in during the last few months. The thing about magic is; it'll pop up in the most unsuspected places. It hits you hard, fast and all at once.I just had my 30th birthday in March, it's crazy to think that even a year ago I knew I had big dreams but wasn't sure what to do with them. I have a successful day job and have somehow grown Feast On Fashion to almost 12,000 email subscribers in just over a year. But...there was something more, I knew I was capable of giving more - more magic. magic

The thing about magic is it exists in all forms; people, places, music and things. It finds you even when you're not looking for it, you find it even when you're not looking for it. Magic is different for everyone but the thing about magic is - everyone has it. Think about a storybook; there's elements of happiness, sadness, fairytale and...magic. What do you do with your magic? Does it come alive when you're working? Listening to music? With hobbies? Think about your passions...MAGIC.


Magic has found me in multiple ways more than ever in the last few months. It's come to fruition in people, places and things I never could have imagined. It's allowed me to give back to my community and meet some pretty incredible people. It's allowed me to begin bringing my dreams to life with the help of some magical people. I've learned stories of love, pain and and overcoming of those right here in my own community. I've watched magic in fashion shows, buckeye beads, missions trips, hair salons and backyard barbeques - all through the lens of magic. I've seen magic in these peoples eyes. All of them.  And they've given me magic. You know what that does? FUELS MORE MAGIC.

So I'd ask you - start looking at your day differently, where do you find your magic? Where can you encourage it in others? Maybe it's in the smallest form of giving a friendly smile, after all - we're all in this together. Create some new element of magic every day and let sparks fly, start small with a smile and see where it leads you. 

Sending you all magical vibes! If you're not already subscribed to Feast On Fashion click here to do so. Don't forget to follow FOF on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Love, beauty & fashion, -Alicia


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