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The Thing About New York

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Author: Alicia Robinson
June 15, 2017



New York

New York, where do I even begin? You know that safe place you go to let go of the world? To experience spontaneity, excitement, adventure and the spirit of free falling? You know the place that's so good no matter how hard or how you try you can't express in words? The thing about New York is, it's all those things for me.

New York

The first time I experienced NYC I had an hour and a half to pick a few things to do after a work conference. If you've been to NYC you know it can take an hour cab ride just to get anywhere. Luckily, I had no expectations of NYC (other than what I've seen and heard from blogs, movies and tv) so I had no idea what I was missing out on. I just arrived back home from my second trip to NYC - a trip where I learned to see the world in a new light. I explored, laughed, twirled in Times Square and grew some more by rediscovering myself.

New York

The thing about New York is it's out of this world and in the palm of your hands all at once. It's chaotic, rough, exciting, adventurous, breath taking and so much more. It's an escape from reality when you're standing at Top of the Rock looking down on the city. It's breath taking as the Miss New York ferry is whisking you away to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island while views of the city linger in the background. It's exhilarating weaving through crowds and traffic feeling like a little girl chasing her life long dreams. It creates curiosity as you watch people pass by, wondering what their story is. The thing about New York is whether you're looking down on, looking in from a distance or going straight through it has many elements of magic, curiosity, hope and adventure. Much like life, it never provides a dull moment.

New York

NYC provides motivation, empowerment and hope for all things. It tells stories of a history so rich and stories of the future so bold. There is magic sprinkled in every unique coffee shop, restaurant and store begging to be embraced. New York is fearless, it shows no remorse for who it is and it takes the reigns leading the way - not slowing down for anyone or anything. It's lights shine brighter than anything I've ever seen before, but they're not blinding. It's home to more than 8 million people working on their dreams, it's a place to visit for those at work, play and everything in between. It's future is in the small children smiling and waving at every passing bus with a twinkle in their eyes or skipping down the crowded sidewalks without a care in the world. I too am one of those little children; still a little girl with big dreams.

New York

While it pains my heart to leave New York for now I know it is just the beginningÂÂÂÂ…the beginning of unwrapping magic, getting to work and making those dreams come true for my family. I physically left New York but it mentally came home with me. I brought it's strength, hope, fuel and determination for bigger things to come. I brought it's peace and fearlessness to break down walls and break through barriers. The thing about New York is it's a life changing experience every time you go, it's what you choose to do with those experiences that help you write the next chapter in your story. As Frank Sinatra says - "if I can make it here I'll make it anywhere." So for now, I'll keep my experiences building in a safe place in my heart until the next time and put them to work at home. After all, dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you - don't let them go to waste. Find me where the wild things are...

New York

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